State-of-the-art manufacturing facility

Century Textiles & Industries Limited invested about US$180 million (Rs. 850 Crore) in setting up, a Greenfield project in Jhagadia, Bharuch, Gujarat known as “BIRLA CENTURY” to manufacture textile products. The factory's strategic location provides it logistical advantage in terms of easy connectivity and accessibility via rail, air and road links.

Birla Century has over 100,000 spindles producing 6,500 tonnes of yarn annually in the range of Ne 40 to Ne 200 in singles and doubles for own consumption. Over 300 Airjet and rapier looms produce 25 million metres of fabric annually and can process 41 million metres annually up to 128” greige fabric to get 117” finish width.

Our manufacturing technology compares with the best across the globe, offering speed, versatility and quality. Most of the technology procured for the plant is from the best manufacturers of equipment in their respective fields.

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Our manufacturing technology can compare with the best across the globe, offering speed, versatility and quality. Most of the technology procured for the plant is from the best manufacturers of equipment in their respective fields. An indicative list is of the equipment at the plant for different operations are given below:

  • Spinning
  • Weaving
  • Wet processing
  • Finishing
  • On-line control
  • Quality control
  • Effluent treatment plant
  • Power plant
Process/ machine Make Country
Mixing and blowroom Riet Switzerland
Spinning preparatory Riet Switzerland
Ring spinning Zinser Germany
Auto winders Schlafhorst Germany
Yarn singeing Riet Italy

Our world-class latest automated compact spinning machines are capable to spin Ne 40 to
Ne 200 in singles and doubles. In cotton and other fibres such as modal, excel, viscose and bamboo etc.

Process/ machine Make Country
Weaving preparatory Karl - Mayer Germany
Sectional warping Benninger Switzerland
Weaving looms Picanol Belgium
Looms - 302 Nos Airjet / Rapier

The weaving plant brings out a variety of styles such as plains, drill, twill, satin, oxford, structured, dobby, herringbone, chambray, fil-a-fil, pique cord, honeycomb etc.

Process/ machine Make Country
Singeing Oshtoff Germany
Mercerising cum bleaching range Kuster Germany
Continuous dyeing range Monforts Germany
Yarn Dyeing Fong's China

Our processing machines offer finished fabrics from 54” to 117” finish width with eco-friendly dyes and chemicals which suit the needs of the customers.

Process/ machine Make Country
MXL Monforts Germany
Calendar Kuster Germany
Pre-shrunk range (Sanforizing) Monforts Germany
Peaching Lafer Italy
Stenter Monforts Germany

We produce world-class cotton fabrics with soft, anti-wrinkle (MXL technology), water-resistant, fragrant, stain-release, bio-polish stiff finish, and various sustainable and performance finishes.


We have a completely self-sufficient plant with world-class state-of-the-art equipment loaded with BARCO hardware and functionalities backed by an SAP-based ERP system.

We adopt new testing technologies regularly to develop the best products and maintain stringent quality norms.

Process/ machine Make Country
ETP Hydrotech Engineering Italy

In compliance with The Birla Century Environmental Policy to lower emission level by promoting and adopting the 3R concept i.e. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle for all type of waste, we have a Zero Discharge Biological ETP plant to keep the pace for Sustainability.

Birla Century has Zero Discharge Biological Effluent treatment Plant. It is from Hydrotech Engineering – Italy. It is having 4 stage Filtration RO system which helps in getting 95% recovery of water. In compliance with all recent requirements as per the latest needs of Oeko-Tex, ZDHC etc.. such plants are vital for any Textile manufacturing unit in the direction of Sustainable Textile production.


A captive gas-based turbine power plant of 22.5 MW at the facility meets the in-house electricity requirements.